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The Good South – South Island Itineraries

The Good south

The Good South – South Island Itineraries

The Good South

The Good South

Recently launched as an independent colloborative project by Tim Brewster and his digital marketing partner, Optymise, The Good South is a locally created, authentic guide to New Zealand’s lower South Island.
Aimed at independent travellers seeking an alternative to the commercial tourist trail, The Good South points out areas of natural beauty, interesting byways and, via The Great Scone Trail, good baking, coffee and tea to sustain you on your journey.

The Good South Travel Guide

The Good South Travel Guide

Now Online! A guide to New Zealand’s lower South Island for independent travellers

The Good South travel guide is an online project aimed to benefit the independent traveller. Written by locals who know the region, traveller can get off the beaten track and explore the South.

Along with guides and itineraries to the lower South Island, we also feature  The Great Scone Trail.

Seek out tasty goodies on your travels with our digital roadmap to rural cafes and tearooms which have been selected for the quality of their baking, fresh locally sourced produce and excellent hospitality.

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The Good South Guide to the lower South Island


Telford Fishing & Hunting


not only has (Tim Brewster) personally conducted the whole process but saved our business a large sum of annual expenditure on internet exposure.

Tim scheduled meetings to overview our business background so as to have a better understanding of what we wished to get across to the public via our website. Tim recommended a website developer who set up our email address with their cost efficient provider and visually displayed our website to what we believe to be an enticing information provider to our potential clients. The words to describe our operation were put into a professional context by Tim and his writing and  journalism background has assisted us to get our operation ethics across in a clear and concise way.

Sue Telford

Jolt Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Brewster from Southern Alps Media on several of my clients’ projects. I have called on Tim to tackle writing website copy that has a focus on search engine optimization. The process when Tim is involved is simple, explained clearly and is step-by-step and structured. Each project has been delivered on time to a very high standard. Over time the content and copy Tim has created and SEO and navigation solutions he has implemented have been effective in adding value for the search engines and in turn site visits and conversions to sales. Working with Tim has been enjoyable and rewarding. The delivery from Southern Alps Media reflects well on my business and my clients are always stoked. Tim’s service means that my clients understand the value of his expertise and enjoy the measurable results for their business. Jo Lynch, Wanaka

In the deep end – North & South- Andrew Penniket

Roaming the oceans for the past two decades as an internationally acclaimed underwater cameraman and wildlife filmmaker has been a dream career for Andrew Penniket. To counterbalance his often hectic filming schedules, he also manages Te Kakano,  a community-funded native nursery in Wanaka, and tends the small family vineyard he and his wife Sue have planted around their house, producing Minaret Peaks pinot noir. But between projects…..more

Internet Trust

Internet Trust

While traditional sources of information we’ve trusted in varying degrees have existed for millennia, information technology has evolved from print, to broadcasting to the internet in under a century.

A survey released early this year shows that that outside the circle of family and friends we tend to rely on, for the first time ever, the search engine results page on your browser could be your new best friend.

Edelman, a PR agency in the US said it surveyed 33,000 people in 27 countries in various occupations. For the first time, information gathered while searching on the net was considered more reliable – by 72% compared to 64% – than traditional forms of media.